Shane Wright - Staff Instructor

Shane Wright is a United States Army Cavalry Scout Veteran (2007-2010) and a former Illinois Police Officer (2017- 2021).  During his career, Shane served as a Patrol Officer and SWAT Team Member/Entry Team Leader. 

After leaving the Army in 2010, Shane also worked for a nationally known firearms and parts distributor.  While employed in the firearms industry, Shane was the Head Armorer and General Manager of the business for 6 years.  During this time he built and repaired thousands of AR-15 Rifles and other firearms for LE Departments and the Public. 

While working in the firearms sales industry, Shane also started teaching with another regional training company.  During this time he started his own business - Ace Assemblies & Instruction, which he continues to expand to this day.

In 2022, Shane teamed up with ACS to provide additional expertise and experience in both the Firearms Repair and Instruction aspects of this company.  He is currently the Lead Instructor for all Home Security Classes for ACS.