Illinois Concealed Carry

Both the initial 16 hr and 3 hr renewal classes are State Certified.  Our curriculum will provide the required course material in addition to focusing on mindset and situational awareness taught from a real world perspective.

Cost:  $100.00  (16 hours), $50.00  (3 hours) 

Applied Handgun Skills 1

This entry level course focuses on close quarters engagements, reactive shooting and basic movement principles.  It is considered the first step in developing defensive handgun fundamentals.

Cost:  $150.00  (8 hours)

Applied Handgun Skills 2

This course covers intermediate distance handgun shooting fundamentals as well as focusing on weapon manipulation.  Malfunction clearances and reloading under stress will be addressed along with movement considerations.

Cost:  $150.00  (8 hours)

Applied Handgun Skills 3

The focus of this course covers handgun engagements at longer distances while employing various shooting positions.  Movement to cover and proper cover utilization will also be addressed as part of this training.

Cost:  $150.00  (8 hours)

Low Light Handgun

Engaging targets in various low light conditions as well as the use of artificial light sources is the focus of this training.  Proper use of both weapons mounted and handheld lights will be addressed as well as weapon manipulation.

Cost:  $150.00  (8 hours)

L.E. Training

Our Staff is certified by the ILETSB to instruct on various weapon platforms and develop curriculum based on agency requirements.  From annual qualification to more advanced training, contact ACS for your department needs.

Cost:  TBD  (Various)

Private Courses

ACS can provide private group and individual instruction based on client needs.  All of our listed courses can be tailored to fit individual requirements and specific course types can be developed upon request.

Cost:  TBD  (Various)

Applied Combative Solutions LLC operates in full compliance with Illinois Public Act 103-0559