Kyle Michael - Staff Instructor / Gunsmith

Kyle Michael is a United States Marine Corps Infantry Veteran (2001-2005) and a Retired Illinois Sheriff's Deputy (2006-2020).  During his career, Kyle served as a Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, Narcotics Investigator, SWAT Team Member and Department Firearms Instructor/Armorer.

Kyle obtained his Master Firearms Instructor Certification and was recruited to join the Staff at the University of Illinois Police Training Institute in 2012.  He currently serves as a Senior Instructor for all Basic Recruit and Advanced Level Firearms Training Programs at PTI.

In 2018, Kyle established his own Gunsmith business (Leatherneck Precision Gunsmithing) specializing in firearms modifications and repairs requiring machining operations.  Kyle has several years of experience in manual and CNC machining as well as metal fabrication.

Kyle joined ACS in 2022 to provide his diverse teaching experience concerning firearms and tactics instruction.  Kyle also serves as the primary Gunsmith for our company.