What We Offer:

Our full line of training programs provide our students with various class options to meet each skill level.

We provide entry level to advanced skill courses in each of the following weapon disciplines: Handgun, Shotgun, and Carbine.

ACS offers training courses designed to fit "what works" in your world. Each class is built upon the previous in order to develop and maintain sound fundamentals that are critical for success. Whether you are seeking an entry level NRA Basic Pistol Class, a Couples Handgun Course, or an Advanced Carbine Combatives Class, we provide all courses in a structured, professional, and low stress environment.

It is our goal to provide you firearms training that is reality based, cost effective, and tailored to fit your needs.

All Illinois Students must be a Valid FOID Card Holder. All Handgun Class Students must be 21 years of age to attend.

NRA Basic Handgun - 8 Hours $100.00

National Rifle Association Certified Basic Handgun instruction covering safety, nomenclature of the pistol, proper marksmanship, as well as handgun manipulation.  All NRA course materials are included in the above fee.

Illinois Concealed Carry Courses - 8/16 Hours $80.00/$160.00

State Certified 8 and 16 hour instruction covering all required elements of the Illinois Concealed Carry Act, FOID Act, Use of Force guidelines, and all basic handgun safety, nomenclature, marksmanship fundamentals, and handgun manipulation.  8 hours of this course can be waived with prior approved training.  All course matrerials are included in the above fee.

Couples Handgun (Progressive) - 4 Hours $60.00 (Per person)

A great way to spend quality time with your "significant other". We offer 4 hour handgun blocks of instruction covering all the basics of handgun shooting and weapon manipulation. These are progressive classes that build upon each other. Class sizes are limited to 2 couples each to provide personal instruction in a low stress environment. .

Intro Handgun, Intro Shotgun, Intro Carbine - 4 Hours $60.00

A starting point for our Combative Series of classes. 4 hour blocks of instruction that is weapon specific and covering all the basics to get you started. Course emphasis will be on weapon nomenclature and use at the operator level. Basic fundamentals of marksmanship and weapon operation will be stressed.

Combative Handgun 1, Shotgun 1, Carbine 1 - 8 Hours $180.00 ea.

Weapon specific instruction in each discipline. 8 hours of instruction with continued focus on marksmanship fundamentals with the addition of fighting skills. These courses cover shooting and weapon manipulation in a close quarters environment with the emphasis on developing speed with combat accuracy.

Combative Handgun 2, Shotgun 2, Carbine 2 - 8 Hours $180.00 ea.

Stage Two of our Combative Series of classes. In these 8 hour courses we continue to increase marksmanship fundamentals and include movement principles as well as focusing on speed reloading, and malfunction clearance under stress. All shooting in these courses is from close to intermediate engagement distances.

Combative Handgun 3, Shotgun 3, Carbine 3 - 8 Hours $180.00 ea.

Stage Three of our Combative Series of classes. These 8 hour courses move the student through the entire spectrum of combative shooting from close quarters to maximum effective ranges. Proper use of cover as well as positional shooting are addressed along with the continued focus on increased accuracy under stress.

Customized Individual Classes - 4/8 Hours $ POR

We are available to provide individual instruction based on your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements and we can customize a course for you

All listed prices include Range/Facility Use Fees

Rental Handguns

Glock 17/19 9mm pistols are available for an additional fee of $20.00 per class. Please notify ACS upon registration if you wish to rent a handgun.

All class ammunition shall be provided by the student. If you have difficulties in obtaining ammunition contact ACS and we can direct you to one of our suppliers.

Course Information

Please email ACS for specific class information, equipment and ammunition requirements for each class.