Kevin P. Mante - Director of Training

Kevin has been a Law Enforcement Officer since 1993 in Illinois. Prior to moving to Illinois, Kevin served in the United States Air Force in the Security Police (Forces) Field from 1988 - 1992. During this period Kevin worked in the Nuclear Security, Air Base Ground Defense, and Tactical Team environments.

Upon being discharged from the Air Force in 1992, Kevin started his civilian law enforcement career and has worked for several Sheriff's Departments and Municipal Police Agencies since. His duties have ranged from Patrol Officer/Deputy Sheriff, Field Training Officer, Dept. Tactical Team Member, Dept. Firearms Instructor/Armorer, Rangemaster, Officer in Charge and Department Chief. He is currently assigned as a Patrol Sergeant and Training Supervisor at his department and is also responsible for providing in-service firearms training to a number of local law enforcement agencies.

Starting in 2001 Kevin became a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor at the department level. That same year Kevin was asked to join the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) Mobile Training Team System and has taught numerous firearms and tactics courses to this date. In 2003 Kevin obtained his Master Firearms Instructor Certification through the University of Illinois Police Training Institute (PTI) and was asked to join that Academy as a Staff Level Instructor. Since that time, Kevin has worked as an Adjunct Instructor at PTI in both the Basic Recruit Level Firearms Program and as a member of the Advanced Course Cadre. Kevin is currently a Senior Instructor at PTI in both programs as well as a Lead Instructor for Shotgun and Patrol Rifle (Operator and Instructor levels).

In addition to his duties at PTI, Kevin works as a Certified NRA Handgun Instructor for the public as well as being contracted by a number of agencies to provide in-service training. These contracts include training for military, law enforcement, and contract security companies.

Kevin also holds a number of armorer certifications to include: Glock Pistol, Colt 1911 Pistol/AR-15 Rifle, and Remington 870 Shotgun.

In addition to teaching, Kevin is a continual student and has graduated from three Gunsite Academy courses (pistol, shotgun, and rifle), as well as trained with Jason Falla (Redback One), Travis Haley (Haley Strategic), Pat Rogers (EAG Tactical), and Ron Avery (Practical Shooting Academy) to name a few.


Due to the nature of specific courses, additional instructors can be brought in to assist as needed. These experienced instructors are drawn from the military and law enforcement firearms instructor ranks and have the specific skill sets required for the individual classes being taught.